In this hectic world there are fewer and fewer tasks that can be successfully accomplished without the help of a person(s). Since most corporate or work-environment situations necessitate a team approach…one is often left with the challenge of influencing others in a way which brings forth a positive outcome.

In healthcare delivery, this is a continual reality. Trying to get a client to follow your advice can be a trying experience in many cases but what this all really leads to is the effects of influence over people.

Of course influence can be generated in a very negative sense in and out of the workplace and we have all seen or been party to this rather unfortunate state of affairs. Although these draconian methods are alive and well today in the workplace…they are rarely effective, even if they lead to the outcome you desire.

This approach does nothing to empower anyone!

If a person(s) do not realistically “buy in” to your way of thinking, they will really not want to be influenced by you in a positive sense. They may “go along” but they will not feel it is the right direction to go for many reasons. This can ultimately lead to issues relative to compliance later-on or other issues consistent with the professional relationship that can seriously blunt the acquisition of results.

So how do you influence others in a positive manner?

  • Belief: If you do not believe that the course you are recommending is the correct one (of course you have to justify it) how do you expect others to believe in your ideas or vision and seriously place them under consideration or scrutiny?
  • Passion: How enthusiastic are you in your approach? Enthusiasm regarding an idea or a direction to explore is contagious to say the least. People will listen to you and consider your perspective to a greater degree if you are passionate and enthusiastic regarding the process that you feel should be taken.
  • Vision: You have an idea of where you want to go with this and others may need to understand how this directive or idea fits into the overall picture you have constructed. When people understand the frame of reference regarding your vision…they are more likely to get it.
  • Benefits Of Action: When you convince a person(s) what the possible benefits your plans are to them….they can realize the value your ideas bring. In the case of health care or any other discipline, demonstrating to others just how and why your ideas will impact them delivers rationale to your thinking a greatly justifies how your ideas can change their actions leading to a desired outcome. However, the change in action must come from the person(s) in question….not you. The people with who you work must be able to understand the value in your ideas and be prepared to act upon them before any real or tangible influence can be realized.

Your ability to influence people really is a exercise in your own abilities to “sell” yourself and your vision as a package deal. When people understand that you are for real and sincere regarding your intentions for change…they will be more likely to understand your position and take the appropriate degree of action required.

Really influential people are very good at the three C’s.




Dr. K.J.McLaughlin