What is Vitality?

It is the state that one can reach where they enjoy optimum levels of health, wellness and well-being as they age.

The Vitality Project was designed to provide those individuals over the age of 40 an opportunity to choose to be leaders in the improvement of their own health outcomes and hence enjoy continued vitality as they age!

"The Vitality Project involves a collaborative process of do as I do….not do as I say!"

After attending McLaughlin Collegiate he attended Wilfred Laurier and Brock Universities where he graduated with distinction and was awarded a bachelors degree in Physical and Health Education.Dr. McLaughlin was born in Oshawa Ontario and at the age of five developed a very severe form of asthma for which he received constant medical treatment and repeated hospitalizations. It was after this health challenge which lasted 15 years that Dr. McLaughlin became interested in the health and wellness field as a potential direction to consider for him-self personally and professionally.

Following a severe injury received at university, Dr. McLaughlin became motivated to try chiropractic care. It was after experiencing this type of health care and the subsequent benefits that Dr. McLaughlin became convinced that this is what he wanted to do with his career. Chiropractic medicine seemed to fit very well with his health philosophy, seemed logical and just made a great deal of sense……read more…

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